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Hi Manuel,

it's a bit complicated to guess your enviroment, but if you use Postfix
together with MailScanner
the mails schould be queue-files and placed in the in MailScanner.conf
defined hold-queue-directory.
MailScanner will watch that directory an start processing.
I think I would prefer to receive the mails with Mailscanner, check them
and forward them to Server A or B.

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Am 08.12.2016 um 11:59 schrieb Manuel Kälin:
> Hi everyone!
> We are evaluating Mailscanner software for central Mail-checks.
> Is there any person who has already setup a central solution?
> Example:
> Server A and B get mails, they forward it directly to Mailscanner
> server, this checks the mail and give it back to Server A or B
> We can forward and get mails by file to the Mailscanner server. But at
> the moment they are not being processed.
> Does anyone has experience with this kind of problem/solution?
> Kind Regards
> Manuel Kälin
> -------------------
> hosttech GmbH

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