MailScanner v5.0.3-7 upgrade install

Jason Ede J.Ede at
Thu Aug 25 07:43:20 UTC 2016

I'm struggling with this upgrade too on an up to date CentOS 6 system.

After the upgrade from 4.85.2 it doesn't seem to work. I've attached upgrade logs. I've renamed all the reports to remove the .rpmsave and that's tidied things up a bit.

However, all of my original config files have been removed. There was no MailScanner.conf.rpmsave or equivalent left after the upgrade and all of my original reports have been deleted. The new init file doesn't exist anywhere on my system and the path mentioned doesn't even exist.

ls -la /etc/init.d/mailscanner
lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 33 Aug 24 15:58 /etc/init.d/mailscanner -> /usr/lib/MailScanner/init/ms-init

At this point I'm going to have to just revert the system to the snapshot prior to the upgrade.  I'll happily test a fixed upgrade but for the moment it appears completely broken for me.

The original MailScanner was installed using the so I know it was all good and files were in proper locations.


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> Does this not setup the sendmail process correctly?

This starts the daemons manually, but it takes a bit more then those 2 lines to have a robust startup/shutdown script.

I removed the MailScanner parts from the v4 startup script and now have a separate mailscanner-sendmail startup script (attached). Maybe this can be included with the MailScanner package.

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