MailScanner v5.0.3-7 upgrade install

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Except MailScanner had two sendmail instances, one receiving emails from outside world, the outher processing MailScanner's output, if I recall correctly.


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Yes, the code to start and stop MTA’s have been removed in v5.
MailScanner changes do not equate to MTA changes so it makes no sense to start/stop/restart the MTA. They are different services. It makes about as much sense as it would for MailScanner to restart your virus scanner services.

Each MTA comes with it own service management scripts. i.e..

service sendmail restart
service postfix restart
service exim restart

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> > Confirmed seeing same here vrom v4x --> v5.0.3-7, although
> > errors/warnings appear to be benign. MailScanner on my run has most
> > everything in the right places, although it seems that somethings
> > are now being dropped into the old /usr/lib/MailScanner directory. I
> > could've swore in earlier v5 they were all in /usr/share/MailScanner...
> >
> I also noticed that the /etc/init.d/mailscanner startups script no
> longer start the sendmail queues needed to run MailScanner.
> The old v4 /etc/init.d/MailScanner startup script had quite an amount
> of logic in it to deal with these stopping and starting these MTA processes.
> How is this supposed to work with v5? Are there separate startup
> scripts for the various MTAs? I could not find any.
> Wolfgang
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