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Sun Aug 14 21:50:06 UTC 2016

I want to take a moment to publicly thank Jerry for taking time to work on the Avast wrapper.

Thanks Jerry!

I found it only fair to make a reasonable donation for his time and effort.

I don't really want to demean the list for the lack of financial contributions to the project but at the same time it has come to my attention that the sum total of ALL donations over the past few years is $110.00 US

Exchange 2016 Standard with 5 CAL's is like 1000.00 and then its maybe 70.00/seat after that.

It would be nice for some of us with a bit of an IT budget or those of thus that utilize the software for clients purposes to contribute some $$$ to the project.

Mailborder incident support is like $399.00 and that was the donation which I gave.  Jerry spend 3 freakin days working on the Avast wrapper.  I know I wouldn't do client work for 3 days for 399.00 and I doubt anyone else on this list would either.

Love you all, don't flame me for this post please.  I just really feel bad for Jerry when 110.00 in a few years is all that was donated.

This is a great project that has been ongoing since 2001.  There isn't any other open source or commercial product that compares really.  Why not donate a few bucks to help the cause?

Best wishes for everyone,
Tracy Greggs
Oklahoma Network Consulting

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I have tested these, but I would like some verification before I post them as releases.

08/14/2016 Changes in    v5.0.3-7
- updated init script to include a time-wait for pid files during
  process reloads and restarts
- updated to correctly prepend phishing notices in email
- added avast virus scanner support
- added esets virus scanner support
- added new function InitClamdParser to
- added new function ProcessClamdOutput to


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