spamassassin --report does not train BAYES

Marc mailscanner_list at
Thu Aug 11 14:30:52 UTC 2016

Dear list,

I have recently discovered some strange behavior.

If I use 'spamassassin -r < {spammessage}' reporting to DCC/Razor/Pyzor
*seems* to work according to debug. Bayes learning *should* also work
(as I made sure that 'bayes_learn_during_report' is set to 1, which is
the default anyway).
However, checking with 'spamassassin -t < {spammessage}' only gives

If I afterwards perform 'sa-learn --dbpath $DB_DIR --forget
{spammessage}' and 'sa-learn --dbpath $DB_DIR --spam {spammessage}',
things work out and I get a BAYES score of 1.0000.

    Mailscanner version 4.84.5
    SpamAssassin version 3.4.1
    Perl version 5.18.4
    DB_DIR=/volume1/MailPlus/spamassassin bayes_path              /volume1/MailPlus/spamassassin/bayes

Any clues?


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