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Anders Kongsted anders at
Thu Apr 28 06:54:43 UTC 2016

Hi Emre, 

It's quite difficult to tell you how many server you will need. 

If each of the 8k domains is receiving one email each, you can run it on
a single server. :) 

It also depends on the size of the hardware you're running the
MailScanner's on. 

But depending on the performance of the hardware, I would start with 3
or 4 servers, and if they can't handle the load, you can add extra

If possible you could also add the domains in smaller chunks, and see of
stuff is running. 


Emre Keleş skrev den 28-04-2016 08:23:

> Hello to everyone 
> Many thanks to everyone develops . 
> 8 thousand domains you want to make a protection. 
> I want to use as a proxy . 8 thousand in a single domain 's mail server. 
> MailScanner all the mail will go to a single mail server. 
> I want to use postfix as the MTA. 
> 8 How many servers or a single server of this process for the domain Can you ride . 
> I k 10 is MailScanner to 8 thousand domains and NetScaler can run over 10 MailScanner server routing form . 
> How do you create a structure . 
> -- 
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