How to disable RBL check when SASL authenticated?

Les nagylzs at
Wed Sep 16 08:14:33 UTC 2015

Some of my users are sending emails from their mobile phones. They connect
to my SMTP server with SSL + dovecot auth. Sometimes they are assigned a
dynamic IP address that is listed in an RBL. (IP addresses are assigned by
the mobile provider.) When they send the email, it becomes a spam because
of the sender IP.

Is there a way to disable RBL checks for SASL authenticated users? Maybe it
could be given as a rule in spam.whitelist.rules, but I don't know how.

Spamassassin is turned on by default. It will also do RBL checks with
pyzor, so I may have to create two rules - one for MailScanner and one for


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