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On Monday 16 November 2015 at 12:18:30, gojensen wrote:

> Quick question... how can I verify that attachements are scanned for
> "invalid" files? We keep getting .zip files with .scr executables inside
> of them... not good.

Your system should be looking inside the zip files to see what the content is, 
not just regarding it as "a zip file".

> And in the MailScanner.conf I can read...
> # This can also point to a ruleset, but the ruleset filename must end in
> # ".rules" so that MailScanner can determine if the filename given is
> # a ruleset or not!
> Filename Rules = %etc-dir%/filename.rules.conf
> So the description says the filename must end with .rules extension, but
> the default is .rules.conf?!
> Which is correct?

Both :)

If you specify just a list of (static) filename rules, they go into the file 

If instead you specify a ruleset, then the filename containing that ruleset 
must end in .rules

This is how MailScanner knows that one is a list of rules, and the other is a 

Rulesets allow you to do different things based on sender and recipient 
addresses.  Static rules simply apply the same (filename, in this case) rules 
to all mail going through the system. 
has further details.



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