MailScanner causes SpamAssassin rules to firing inconsistently

Wolfgang Baudler wbaudler at
Thu Nov 5 17:51:35 UTC 2015

> On 11/05/2015 09:10 AM, Wolfgang Baudler wrote:
>> Yes, I have compared the headers of test messages in detail. Didn't see
>> anything wrong or suspicious in them. In fact they look very similar to
>> our internal headers.
> How about the bodies since you are testing with a body rule?

I produced test messages that are binary identical internal vs external
and still the internal one fired while the other one did not.

I also tested with rawbody and full rules, which show similar behavior to
normal body rules.

>> Yes, I have looked at those logs a lot. No errors or warnings or
>> anything
>> else that might indicate what is going on.
> What about 'normal' messages present in one case and absent in the other?

Not sure what you mean with normal messages being present. There is always
a lot of activity on that server, mostly spam, but also some ham messages
present most of the time. "Max Children" is set to 5, but testing with
only one instance of MailScanner resulted in the same behavior also.

If there is only one instance of MailScanner running it still processes
messages in batches, right? Is it possible that that it gets confused in
that process and is mixing the results of different messages scanned in
the same batch? Still doesn't explain why internal messages always fire


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