MailScanner causes SpamAssassin rules to firing inconsistently

Mark Sapiro mark at
Thu Nov 5 16:59:22 UTC 2015

On 11/05/2015 06:05 AM, Wolfgang Baudler wrote:
> I tried to add a custom rule to SpamAssassin and found that it
> fires inconsistently. A simple example rule is
> body    TEST_RULE_AA            /SOMETEXT/
> score   TEST_RULE_AA            0.5
> If I send a test email locally with the string "SOMETEXT" the rule
> triggers all the time. If I run SpamAssassin from the command line, the
> rule triggers as well
> $ spamassassin <test.msg
> If I send a test message from an external provider like yahoo however the
> rule does not always fire (some other rules like FREEMAIL_FROM do fire).

So if I understand correctly, the intermittent non-firing only occurs
with mail arriving from external sources. Have you looked at the raw
message bodies of this mail to see what might be different between ones
that do and don't trigger the rule?

Have you run a non-fired message as received manually through spamassassin?

Have you looked at the MTA and MailScanner logs to see if there are any
clues there?

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