Spam with bogus spamassassin checks

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The SARE comment is because you said " Also, your listserve's confirmation email was considered to be spam by MailScanner."  MailScanner doesn't consider the listserve to be spam - your spamassassin setup does.  Adding 3.5 points for VIRUS_WARNING62 is what bumped it over the top.  But that rule doesn't come with MailScanner.  Someone at your site configured it that way.  At least it doesn't come with the stock MailScanner package.

Regarding the spam getting flagged by spamassassin when run directly but not when called by MailScanner, it could be RBL dependent.  I.e., when the message first comes on it isn't on any RBLs yet.  By the time you run it manually, it is.

Another possibility is you're running spamassassin as a different user under MailScanner than your are when you analyze the message manually.

Since you didn't post the spam report from running the message manually it's pretty much impossible to guess why there's a difference.

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>The SARE rule sets caused me a lot of headaches. Removing them fixed a significant amount of false positives on my end.

I found a SARE rule someone had installed in /etc/mail/spamassassin/.

But it seems unlikely that the existance of this rule would cause a spam message to have no spamassassin tags in it.


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