Subject in UTF-8 replaced by question marks

Valentin Laskov it at
Wed Nov 4 10:35:52 UTC 2015

Hi all!

I have a problem when the subject line is in Bulgarian. This must be the 
same with Russian and other languages if it is not only my fault.

In user interface of the client (Thunderbird) I see
Subject: {Spam?} Специални отстъпки за клиенти на карта OFRM

which is OK. I have bg+en report files in UTF-8. In attached 
inline.spam.warning.txt I see subject replaced by question marks, but 
explanation is OK:

Нашият MailScanner счита, че	   | Our MailScanner believes that the
приложението към това писмо до	   | attachment to this message sent to
Вас от:				   | you from:
   info at
На тема:			   | Subject:
   ????????? ???????? ?? ??????? ?? ????? OFRM

е непоискано рекламно писмо (spam).| is Unsolicited Commercial Email (spam).


In report below I see:

  1.6 SUBJ_ALL_CAPS          Subject is all capitals

but it does not all capitals.

In the headers of letter subject line is:

Subject: {Spam?} =?utf-8?B?0KHQv9C10YbQuNCw0LvQvdC4INC+0YLRgdGC0YrQv9C60Lgg0LfQsCDQutC70LjQtdC90YLQuCDQvdCwINC60LDRgNGC0LAgT0ZSTQ==?=

In MailScanner.conf I have
Attachment Encoding Charset = UTF-8

and system environment is
set | grep LANG

Please help to fix this.


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