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Kevin Miller kevin.miller at
Sat May 16 00:15:52 UTC 2015

Curiously, the init.d script doesn't mention postfix, but it does start it.  If I stop MailScanner and do a "ps aux | grep postfix" nothing is there.  If I start MailScanner postfix starts:

root at mxt:/var/log# ps aux | grep postfix
postfix  28957  0.0  0.8 114488 41792 ?        Ss   16:11   0:00 MailScanner: master waiting for children, sleeping
postfix  28958 10.7  2.7 236320 135860 ?       S    16:11   0:02 MailScanner: waiting for messages
postfix  29026 13.5  2.7 236316 135912 ?       S    16:11   0:02 MailScanner: waiting for messages
root     29076  0.0  0.0  12724  2232 pts/2    R+   16:12   0:00 grep postfix

However, it doesn't seem to be listening on port 25.  Before I installed MailScanner it would send/receive mail.  Now it doesn't.  Tailing mail.log shows MailScanner started but it never shows any connection attempts.  Not sure what's going on there.

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> On 05/15/2015 03:40 PM, Kevin Miller wrote:
> > I've been using MailScanner with sendmail historically, but have made
> the leap to postfix.  With sendmail, I had to disable the init script
> (chkconfig sendmail off) so it didn't start and enable the MailScanner
> init script (which started sendmail).  The instructions on the web page
> don't mention disabling the postfix - they just say to start MailScanner
> and it should handle starting postfix.  Do I need to do anything special
> to insure that MailScanner starts before and in place of postfix?
> I've been running MailScanner 4.84.6 (and prior) on CentOS 5 for a long
> time. When this was installed with Jules' install, it installed a
> /etc/init.d/MailScanner script which started and stopped Postfix along
> with MailScanner.
> I am in the process of preparing a new Ubuntu 14.04.2 server to replace
> the old one and have installed the current 4.85.2-2 and then upgraded to
> 4.85.2-3.
> This package installed a MailScanner init.d script that doesn't stop and
> start Postfix, so they are independent 'service' scripts.
> This is more or less OK because Postfix and MailScanner communicate by
> queueing. Postfix when configured for MailScanner receives a message and
> queues it in it's hold queue. MailScanner processes messages from
> Postfix's hold queue, and if they are to be delivered, requeues them in
> Postfix's active (I think) queue, and Postfix takes them from there. If
> Postfix is running and MailScanner isn't, mail will sit in the hold
> queue until MailScanner starts. If Mailscanner is running and Postfix
> isn't, whatever residual mail that MailScanner processes will just be
> queued for Postfix when it starts.
> Thus, both Postfix and MailScanner have to be running for mail to flow,
> but startup/shutdown timing isn't critical.
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