Cloud-based scanning

Steve Freegard steve.freegard at
Tue Mar 3 23:08:04 GMT 2015


On 03/03/15 18:13, Denis Beauchemin wrote:
> Thanks Steve and all the others.

No problem - you're welcome.

> My server will act as a proxy and will reject invalid addresses in the connect phase so I should be safe. I will be testing this RSN with an alternate domain name, in case something goes wrong...

It will be interesting to see whether Microsoft will actually ask it 
like this (e.g. in a call-ahead style).

What I suspect will happen is that Microsoft will actually accept mail 
to unknown recipients and then bounce it when the delivery is attempted 
to you later.

I'd be interested to hear your results and experiences once you've 
switched over your initial test domain.

Kind regards,

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