SA not getting Envelope-From - cannot use SPF

Simon greminn at
Mon Jun 29 00:38:21 UTC 2015

Hi There (again!), Sorry for barrage of questions :)

For some reason SA is not doing any SPF checks:

Jun 29 12:32:55.131 [29496] dbg: diag: [...] module installed: Mail::SPF,
version v2.008
Jun 29 12:32:55.147 [29496] dbg: plugin: loading
Mail::SpamAssassin::Plugin::SPF from @INC
Jun 29 12:32:57.122 [29496] dbg: spf: cannot get Envelope-From, cannot use
Jun 29 12:32:57.122 [29496] dbg: spf: def_spf_whitelist_from: could not
find useable envelope sender
Jun 29 12:32:57.123 [29496] dbg: spf: spf_whitelist_from: could not find
useable envelope sender

Ive done quite a bit of checking conf but cant seem to figure out whats
going on. Is this something todo with postfix not setting Envelope-From

"envelope_sender_header X-MailScanner-From" is in
the spam.assassin.prefs.conf and "Envelope From Header =
X-MailScanner-From:" is set in MailScanner.conf

MailScanner Version:4.85.2
SpamAssassin Version:3.3.1

Many thanks

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