Can't disable scanning of attachements

gojensen mailscanner at
Tue Jun 23 09:30:04 UTC 2015

Hi! We have tons of "false" positives from the attachement scanning part 
of mailscanner. Apparently our users get's lots of archive files with 
double extensions and stuff.

At FIRST I tried to comment out this Part of filename.rules.conf:
# Deny all other double file extensions. This catches any hidden filenames.
deny   \.[a-z][a-z0-9]{2,3}\s*\.[a-z0-9]{3}$   Found possible filename 
hiding                          Attempt to hide real filename extension

That didn't help, even after forcefully restarting mailscanner.
I then opted for these settings:

Filename Rules =
Filetype Rules =
Archives: Filename Rules =
Archives: Filetype Rules =
Maximum Archive Depth = 0

But it's STILL denying my attachements and replacing them with that 
default text message.


Running MailScanner Version = 4.85.2 on Ubuntu with Postfix.

// gojensen

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