from variable

Simon greminn at
Wed Jul 15 02:14:53 UTC 2015

> On 15/07/2015, at 12:51 pm, Mark Sapiro <mark at> wrote:
> One could argue that the envelope from is a better indicator of whether
> or not you want the message than is the From: header. From: headers are
> often spoofed in spam. An envelope sender such as the above says to me
> that the message is bulk mail from some kind of advertizing service or
> mail list, thus the local part which returns to some bounce processor
> with an encoding of the recipient address. If I don't recognize the
> domain as that of a list I subscribe to, it's spam.

Oh i agree with you here :)

> That said, MailScanner does look at the message and extracts, e.g. the
> Subject: as $subject and Date: as $date and certainly could extract the
> From: and assign it to a replacement variable, but a cursory look at the
> code says it doesn't currently do that.

It would be *nice* to be able to provide both to a client (which allows them to make a better informed decision). Maybe, as a suggestion, Mailscanner could provide both $from and $envelope_from  as variables in the reports?



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