Stored Bad Filename Message Report sending when HIGH SPAM

Simon greminn at
Thu Jul 2 21:12:46 UTC 2015

Hi There,

Is there any further info i can provide on this? Would we use a filter for



On Mon, Jun 29, 2015 at 9:43 AM, Simon <greminn at> wrote:

> Hi There,
> We have just started trialling MailScanner 4.85.2 on Centos 6.6 and its
> working really well.
> We have "Notify Senders Of Blocked Filenames Or Filetypes" = 'yes' so our
> clients get notified when an attachment has been blocked.. and this works
> well for legitimate senders. However in one case the message is clearly
> SPAM (e.g. its SA score is 12.37) - is there any way to
> stop MailScanner sending these reports in these instances?
> Thanks
> Simon
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