Filename Restrictions Not working

Jerry Benton jerry.benton at
Sat Feb 21 11:53:43 GMT 2015

I’m not pimping my product, but I would suggest you install a Mailborder server for a comparison test. Check to see if it is working correctly (the Mailborder server) and compare the configs on the Mailborder server to yours. This will at least eliminate the Mailscanner configuration variable from the equation. 

Jerry Benton

> On Feb 21, 2015, at 2:29 AM, James Nelson <James.Nelson at> wrote:
> Sigh, built a brand new MailScanner box from scratch...once again, everything works except filename checking. The only thing I changed was to disallow zip files(just changed allow to deny in filenames.rules.conf) and it still lets it all through.
> It just doesn't seem to want to work, with no errors to shed any light.
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