Filename Restrictions Not working

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So I'm thinking maybe it's a permissions issue?  If you put a file in the temp dir that MailScanner uses (probably /var/spool/MailScanner/incoming) and then try to scan that as the user that your MailScanner is running as, does it return a proper response?  What are the permissions on that directory?

Does virus scanning work as advertised if you send an eicar "infected" file?

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Hi Kevin,

I've tried with linking directly to filename.rules.conf, I've tried using a filename.rules that points FromOrTo:                default                 \etc\MailScanner\filename.rules.conf , but neither approach is working.

What's especially odd is if explicitly define a blocked file type...say, \.exe$ directly in MailScanner.conf, even THAT doesn't work.
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