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I’ve been told this product is not suited for MailScanner use as it scans files as soon as they are created, the same way it works on a Windows PC. MailScanner has to be able to save the files to disk and then scan the files and get a return code about the results of the scan. From what I’ve been told, this is not how this product works.


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Can anyone let me know if McAfee VirusScan can be used with Mailscanner ?
I have installed mcafee on my test server , the default install dir path is /opt/NAI/LinuxShield
I have set the virus.scanners.conf as below for mcafee

mcafee          /usr/lib/MailScanner/mcafee-wrapper     /opt/NAI/LinuxShield
But when I do a test scan using he wrapper I get the below o/p

/usr/lib/MailScanner/mcafee-wrapper /opt/NAI/LinuxShield /root/install.log
/usr/lib/MailScanner/mcafee-wrapper: line 63: /opt/NAI/LinuxShield/uvscan: No such file or directory
/usr/lib/MailScanner/mcafee-wrapper: line 63: exec: /opt/NAI/LinuxShield/uvscan: cannot execute: No such file or directory

Its looking for uvscan ... any inputs?

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