Filename Restrictions Not working

James Nelson James.Nelson at
Fri Feb 13 20:34:32 GMT 2015


I am having an issue where none of my filetype rules seem to be working.  I can send a test message with something as clearly dangerous as a .bat or .scr file, and MailScanner allows it through regardless.  My filetype.rules.conf and filename.rules.conf (and their archive counterparts) are in their default state, and my Mail.conf points to the rules files in %rules-dir% appropriate for each section.  The rules files are tabbed properly, with a simple:
FromOrTo:          default /etc/MailScanner/filename.rules.conf

No matter what I've tried, MailScanner still allows everything through, even if I explicitly deny a file type in Mail.conf (without using a ruleset).

Any suggestions?

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