Has anyone tried MailScanner on CentOS 7?

Kevin Miller kevin.miller at juneau.org
Mon Feb 9 20:31:42 GMT 2015

I’m in the process of rebuilding our MailScanner gateways so I’m happy to help test.  A very limited amount of mail will actually transverse the test box, but for installation and setup it’s perfect timing.

Is the idea of downloading from CPAN so that the most current version of a perl module is installed rather than bundling them with MS as Julian did?

I have EPEL enabled, but I’m not finding these modules from the list Phil published on Aug 10 of last year:








Perhaps these are included in modules of slightly different names?  For instance, there are almost two dozen perl-IO-SOMETHING modules; same with perl-MIME.

I see too that there’s a perl-Math-BigInt-GMP which might serve as the perl-Math-BigInt?  Or perhaps the perl requirements have changed and some previously necessary modules have been deprecated in favor of others?

Thanks for all you’re doing!

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I am working on the RPM install scripts now and just finished working out the Perl requirements today. This is pretty much a total rewrite of the install scripts as I am having it leverage each distro's package management system rather than installing from source. It makes the management for everyone involved easier and ensures that the latest stable items are installed. I am doing tests for and gearing this towards CentOS and RHEL on 5,6,7. (And variants like Scientific.)

Here is how the install it is going to work:
- Install uses as many RPM packages (for Perl modules) as possible from the distro base
- You are given an option to install EPEL to cover more Perl modules via RPM
- You are given the option to have anything missing installed via CPAN
- After the available RPMs are installed it tests to see what is missing
- If you elect to use CPAN whatever is missing will be installed from CPAN
- You are given the option to have the install script install spamassassin (distro)
- You are given the option to have the install script install Clam AV (distro) if you elect to use EPEL

My research and tests on RHEL 7 show that so far only Filesys::Df and Sys::Hostname::Long are missing if you elect to use EPEL. All Perl modules are available on RHEL 5 and 6 when using EPEL.
I expect to have a beta out this week for the RPM package. (I will provide a link.) If someone could help test that would be helpful.
Jerry Benton

On Sun, Feb 1, 2015 at 3:34 AM, Peter Nitschke <email at ace.net.au<mailto:email at ace.net.au>> wrote:
Any update on this?

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On 18/09/2014 at 6:28 PM Jerry Benton wrote:

>There will be RPM, DEB, and source tarballs available once I iron out the
>packaging. FSL is donating their MailScanner Gold and they have done a lot
>of the legwork. Once I get a chance to review what they have I will make
>it available.
>Jerry Benton

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