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Wed Feb 4 16:30:57 GMT 2015

Cheers Jerry!

Only the following ones are still there:

mailscanner/etc/reports/cy+en/inline.sig.html:<br />Mae MailScanner yn 
diolch i gwmni <a href="">transtec 
Computers</a> am ei gymorth.

mailscanner/etc/reports/cy+en/inline.sig.html:<br /><i>MailScanner 
thanks <a href="">transtec Computers</a> for 
their support.</i>

mailscanner/etc/reports/de/inline.sig.html:<br />MailScanner dankt <a 
href="">transtec</a> für die freundliche 

mailscanner/etc/reports/es/inline.sig.html:<br />MailScanner agradece a 
<a href="">transtec Computers</a> por su apoyo.

mailscanner/etc/reports/fr/inline.sig.html:<br />MailScanner remercie <a 
href="">transtec</a> pour son soutien.

mailscanner/etc/reports/hu/inline.sig.html:<br />A MailScanner koszoni a 
<a href="">transtec Computers</a> tamogatasat.

Best regards, Achim

On 03/02/2015 23:45, Jerry Benton wrote:
> Done.
> -
> Jerry Benton
>> On Feb 3, 2015, at 5:03 PM, Achim J. Latz <achim+mailwatch at> wrote:
>> Hello Jerry:
>> On 03/02/2015 22:07, Jerry Benton wrote:
>>> I have updated the change log on github to reflect the changes since the last version. Jules sent me his entire development environment a while back. I am working on a new build now. I will need to test it before release. I will try to have it out to this list next week for a sanity check. Once I (and others) have confirmed I have not screwed it up I will post it on the website.
>> Thanks for including my updated Spanish translation I had sent do the
>> Baruwa project.
>> At the same time, I believe that it would be also correct to remove all
>> the footers that contain this text:
>> "For all your IT requirements visit:"
>> which appear to be at least some of the German and Spanish report texts.
>> Cheers, Achim
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