dkim and Mailscanner

Maarten mailinglists at
Fri Dec 4 21:09:58 UTC 2015

Cheers for that fixed my problem. Now that you mention it makes sense,
been looking over different configs and different mail headers so long
that my eyes aren't working as wel ;)
Thanks for the second pair of yes.


Authentication-Results:; spf=pass (sender IP is smtp.mailfrom=mailinglists at; dkim=permerror; x-hmca=pass at
X-SID-PRA: mailinglists at
X-SID-Result: PASS


       spf=pass ( domain of mailinglists at designates as permitted sender) smtp.mailfrom=mailinglists at;

On 12/04/2015 09:36 PM, Mark Sapiro wrote:
> On 12/04/2015 12:22 PM, Maarten wrote:
>> And when the the test fails I get the following back in the body:
>> Canonicalized Body:
>>     '0D''0A'
>>     '0D''0A'
>>     --'0D''0A'
>>     This'20'message'20'has'20'been'20'scanned'20'for'20'viruses'20'and'0D''0A'
>>     dangerous'20'content'20'by'20'MailScanner,'20'and'20'is'0D''0A'
>>     believed'20'to'20'be'20'clean.'0D''0A'
>> At least I found where exactly it goes wrong, now to find where the problem comes from. 
> Set 'Sign Clean Messages' to no in your MailScanner config

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