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Thu Dec 3 21:24:49 UTC 2015


I'm having a problem getting dkim to work together with mailscanner. I
noticed some comments about dkim in the comments so I took the advice of
the comments.

Multiple Headers = add

# Some people prefer that message headers are added in strict order with
# the newest headers at the top and the oldest headers at the bottom.
# This is also required if you receive a message which is authenticated by
# DKIM, and you are forwarding that message onto somewhere else, and want
# not to break the DKIM signature.
# **Note**: To avoid breaking DKIM signatures, you *must* also set
#   Multiple Headers = add
# So if some of your users forward mail from PayPal, Ebay or Yahoo! to
# accounts stored on Gmail or Googlemail, then you need to set this to "yes"
# and "Multiple Headers = add" to avoid breaking the DKIM signature.
# It may be worth using a ruleset to just apply this to messages sent by
# the companies mentioned above.
# This can also be the filename of a ruleset.
Place New Headers At Top Of Message = yes

Each time I got the following error:

dkim=neutral (body hash did not verify)

I thought I'd try doing a test by taking out mailscanner, only using postfix, and now I'm getting:


So for some reason Mailscanner is changing the body hash of the dkim signature. Any know what what's causing this and how to fix it?
I can't find any other config setting in Mailscanner that would fixes this.


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