SA auto-learn settings not working

Alex Short alex at
Tue Aug 18 21:01:40 UTC 2015

Main problem is that according to mailwatch, only things that are like >44 or something are getting 'learned' as spam.  I'd like to drop the score required to something like >10 and learn it as spam.  Now I'm manually using mailwatch to give me results from 10-20 and tagging them as spam which has proven quite effective (if not annoying!).

The way I know its not learning is using mailwatch it says 'SpamAssassin Autolearn': N

I've tried putting this stuff in, and -- doesn't appear to make a difference.  I know that it isn't learning because when I tell it to learn something that scored 15, it accepts it and learns it (vs saying 0)                         1    -5.0       11.0

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