Strange MailScanner --lint error

Peter Lemieux mailscanner at
Fri Aug 14 17:02:37 UTC 2015

I upgraded painlessly from 4.84.6 to 4.85.2 using the script that 
comes with the packages at  Maybe 
you should give that try?

However the string "spamassassinprefsfile" also does not appear in the that comes with 4.85.2.  I also don't see an equivalent entry in 
my new MailScanner.conf.  Maybe that's a deprecated item?


On 08/14/2015 12:03 PM, Bryan Laurila wrote:
> *I am currently running MailScanner version 4.84.6 and in checking log files
> for something else I discovered the following in /var/log/mail today.Not
> sure how long this has been happening but I’d venture to guess it has been
> years…*
> 2015-08-12T10:45:42.679370-05:00 DCMXRLY1 MailScanner[19393]: Syntax
> error(s) in configspamassassinprefsfileuration file:
> 2015-08-12T10:45:42.679398-05:00 DCMXRLY1 MailScanner[19393]: Unrecognised
> keyword "spamassassinprefsfile" at line 3129
> 2015-08-12T10:45:42.679411-05:00 DCMXRLY1 MailScanner[19393]: Warning:
> syntax errors in /etc/MailScanner/MailScanner.conf.

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