mailscanner db

Walt Thiessen wt at
Thu Aug 6 19:56:06 UTC 2015

Thanks to Michael and Jerry who answered my question in mid-July about 
individual white lists.

I finally was able to make some time to delve into this, and after 
poking around for awhile, I have another question.

I was looking at the mailscanner database through phpMyAdmin to try to 
get a feel for how stuff is organized. To my surprise, the only table 
with data in it is the maillog table. All others are empty.

As an experiment, I whitelisted an email address in one of my domains. 
While I can see the rule in spam.whitelist.rules, I still don't see it 
in the MySQL db.

Can someone point me to any documentation that would help me to 
understand what I'm seeing?


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