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Any RBLs that you recommend?


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- Use RBLs at the MTA level

- Use greylisting


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On Aug 6, 2015, at 1:49 PM, Sean M. Schipper <sean.m.schipper at> wrote:


Since last November I’ve been getting inundated with spam (yesterday just under 7,000 just in the am) from coming from 3 or 4 IP addresses on the same subnet in the morning starting like clockwork just after 9am.  Then sometimes I’ll get a similar rush of spam in the afternoon coming from a separate IP range.  Countries of origin include US and Bulgaria mostly but also have come from Brasil, Romania and S. Africa.


I’ve been able to train MailScanner to correctly identify these as spam since the content is very similar -- tons of links to websites with .php extensions.  Examples of subject lines:  Situations for 2015 that forgive your Student-Loan, 12 month MBA programs, accelerated...


To cut down on the processing/traffic on my server I’ve been just blacklisting these IP subnets at smtp with a deny bounce message.  Does anyone have any other suggestions on actions I can take to rid myself of this annoying daily routine?  Does anyone else have similar battle stories like this?


Thanks for any suggestions on this.  



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