signature attachment character set problem

Sinan Alyuruk salyuruk at
Mon Aug 3 15:14:57 UTC 2015


I had add a text company signatures  to outgoing messages by 
Mailscanner. Also I have to use Latin-5 or Utf-8 encoding in attachment 
files as Turkish language has different charset regarding form us-ascii, 
and Latin-1

Setting "Attachment Encoding Charset" to ISO-8859-9 or UTF-8 did not 
help although I  had correctly encode the attachment files in respective 
charset. Especially some Outlook versions make signatures messy which 
are attached my Mailscanner.

Any known solutions?



Mehmet Sinan Alyürük
Sistem Mühendisi

Abdülhakhamit Cd. No:25
Talimhane - Beyoğlu / İstanbul
T: +90 (212) 313 65 18

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