No filetype checks on RAR-archives

Rick Cooper rcooper at
Wed Apr 15 00:03:59 UTC 2015

Volker Dose wrote:
> Hi,
> I have already configured the foxhole-stuff and it works brilliantly
> on zip-files. But no effect on executables in rar-archives. 
> I was reading, that clam has no support for opening and scanning
> rar-archives because of license issues. I have the actual clamav
> installed and even tried to compile from scratch, but no success 
> -rar-files are not scanned.   

ClamAv has had RAR capabilities since verion 0.90.
Now, from what I remember Fedora does not include libunrar (even though it's
free) and I think there version of the rpm uses the --disable-unrar switch
as well. Don't remember if you are using fedora or not.

Also you have to have unrar installed for MailScanner to unpack it.
Look in the MailScanner.conf for

MailScanner.conf:Unrar Command = /usr/bin/unrar

And point it to your unrar binary

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