DMARC with MailScanner

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Fri Apr 3 17:17:12 UTC 2015

You might take a look at this page:
and see if you can glean anything from it.

It's redhat centric, but ignoring the installation details there may be some good ideas there.  Specifically, he uses a MySQL database for reporting and such.  It might be that MailScanner can incorporate that and query it for appropriate processing.

I haven't looked closely at it - it may not be practical, but figured I'd toss it out as a possible direction to look into...

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> I am looking at how we might be able to integrate DMARC checks into
> MailScanner. DMARC would have to run as a daemon, and MailScanner would
> have to pass the email to it and get a result. So, something like:
> USE_DMARC = yes
> DMARC_SOCKET = inet:blah123
> DMARC_FAIL = deliver/quarantine/delete/log_warn
> Any ideas? Or anyone using DMARC now with their MTA? DMARC isn’t new,
> but it isn’t mature either. Just looking for some ideas.
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> Jerry Benton
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