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That is a very good question.  I had always assumed that the update script from MailScanner was doing the updates, apparently this isn't the case,  esets_daemon is doing it by itself before MailScanner's does, and I doubt that is a bad thing.   If you check your esets.cfg  file, you will see an option av_update_period and the default is 60 minutes.  So I don't think MailScanner's update script is doing much for updating, but it does ensure that it knows ESET is up to date, so that should be just fine.


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> > I have been running ESET's file security (and Clamav) for linux on my
> > MailScanner installations on both Centos and Ubuntu for at least 5 years.
> > Other than having to change path info for the command line scan it has
> > worked flawlessly.  It always detects malware as expected and doesn't
> > crush an old system the way clamav can.  (clamd runs for a couple of
> > weeks then dies on me, clamav just works, if slow.)
> >
> Very glad (if you know what I mean) that I'm not the only one who has clamd
> falling over after a few weeks.
> What do you do re. /usr/lib/MailScanner/esets-autoupdate because this clearly
> isn't working.  It reports that ESET was updated each time it runs.  I have hacked
> the script without success and I wonder if a return code of 0 is being returned
> each time:
>     if ($result==0) {
>       Sys::Syslog::syslog('info', "esets updated");
> Either that or it is downloading even if it isn't needed.  If I update using a script:
> /opt/eset/esets/sbin/esets_update
> echo $?
> I get:
> Update is not necessary - the installed virus signature database is current.
> Installed virus signature database version 10465 (20140925)
> 0

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