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They don't say on their web page but I'm wondering what versions of software they're bundling and if they publish a repo to keep it up to date.  In particular Mailwatch, clamAV and spamassassin.  The enterprise distributions do a really poor job of updating things like spamassassin and clamAV...

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You could try EFA

Not all is configureable through the webbased inteface like the transport table of postfix, but it should do the job nicely.

Johan Hendriks

Op 01-10-14 om 11:04 schreef Anders Andersson, IT:
Just wondered if anyone know or tested any free mailscanner based virtual appliance. Tried to search but that didn't work to good. I guess I could always make my own virtual machine but a  preinstalled ovf-file  with a basic web interface would be much easier :)

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