moving DNSBL to MTA

Michael Masse mrm at
Tue Nov 25 21:14:19 GMT 2014

I currently have both sendmail and MailScanner set up to use the Spamhaus and BRBL blocklists.   I am trying to get away from MailScanner doing DNSBL lookups to get better performance.    The problem I'm having is that sendmail seems to skip quite a few incoming emails for some reason.   It does catch a lot so I'm fairly certain it's configured in sendmail properly.    I'm noticing that a lot of email gets past the MTA DNSBL stage and then gets caught at the MailScanner stage.   Has anyone ever seen this?  What could cause it?   They are both pointed to the exact same blocklists.   I've triple checked that.   I can't get rid of it within MailScanner till I know why the MTA seems to be skipping some emails.
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