Mohammed Ejaz mejaz at cyberia.net.sa
Sun Nov 16 13:29:33 GMT 2014



We  have some problem  through one of the sender "" whenever he is sending
an email with an attachment of more than 1 MB of PDF, gets corrupted and
recipient cannot open the file, it says problem with file format.  


whereas the same sender ending same attachment  to yahoo, Hotmail and gmail
etcc. without any problem. 


our setup is 


Front End (we use to filter the email)


mailscanner,clamav,spamassin with postfix mail servers 




Communicate  where the actual mailboxes are existed.


when eliminate our front end filters just to test Email (problematic Email
and attachment)  gets through. it clears that problem is Mailscanner
somewhere. but I unable to trace out. 


so. please any help would be highly appreciated. 


Thanks in advance.


Best Regards


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