Mailscanner and Spamassassin 3.4

Philip Parsons pparsons at
Wed May 21 17:58:47 IST 2014

New issue:

Seems that the new setup is not following the rules, it sees the config saying time out 40 times but does it once and then delivers the mail...  any hints ???

May 20 02:24:59 mailscanner MailScanner[4114]: SpamAssassin timed out and was killed, failure 1 of 40
May 20 02:25:00 mailscanner MailScanner[4114]: Message s4K9IDBL004113 from (0000014618ec85da-4da8b1c4-31b2-4d78-9fa0-86be8b188b9b-000000 at to XXXXXXXX is not spam, SORBS-SPAM, SpamAssassin (not cached, timed out)
May 20 02:25:00 mailscanner MailScanner[4114]: Delivery of nonspam: message s4K9IDBL004113 from 0000014618ec85da-4da8b1c4-31b2-4d78-9fa0-86be8b188b9b-000000 at to XXXXX at XXXXX with subject [SmugMug] URGENT - Renewing your SmugMug account

Thank you.
Philip Parsons

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