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I have to agree with Jonas...  I have about 6 Blacklists I routinely use...


On 14/05/2014 09:59, Jonas Akrouh Larsen wrote:
>> One thing to keep in mind with RBLs, are DNS queries. It is not recommended
>> to use public DNS servers. (Google/open dns) Run
>> bind/named/dnsmasq/tinydns locally. Also, you won't really gain anything by
>> having too many RBLs .. You'll just up the processing time and queries.
> This part I do not agree with. Unless you think all RBL's contains more or less the same IP's, its pretty obvious that your protection improves with more RBL's.
> Also unless you have resource contention in regards to multiple threads, the slowness RBL's introduce doesn't matter, and the system is just waiting for a response from the network, which almost doesn't consume any system resources.
> Personally I have RBL's in both the MTA and in mailscanner. In the MTA I greylist based on a few very trustworthy RBL's and in mailscanner I score based on ohh I don't know 10-20 RBL's. It allows you to have a much more fine-tuned system instead of blocking based on a single RBL at the SMTP level.
> The advantage of having them in mailscanner is mainly that you can whitelist senders, the disadvantage is that senders aren't told that they are listed (but since all the RBL's I use are public db's used in thousands of systesm I trust somebody else will let them know soon enough :) )
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