Rewrite 'from' header to enable forwarding to overcome dmarc restrictions?

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I would suggest using your MTA to do this. Much easier.

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> My company has a subset of users for whom we are still doing "dumb
> forwards", and this practice is now resulting in undeliverable mail thanks
> to the recent change of dmarc policy published by AOL and Yahoo.  I thought
> I could work around this by passing the mail for these users through a
> mailscanner system (just as it was on the verge of finally being
> decommissioned) and turning all mail into attachments.  It looked
> promising, but it fails, because MailScanner still is using the original
> From and To message headers on the new message it creates even for
> attachments.
> Is there any way anyone can suggest to get around this?  At this point I'm
> even pondering just modifying the mailscanner code directly or trying to
> hook in an 'always called last' function to modify the message.
> What's happening now:
>         MailScanner creates a new message and attaches the original.  In
> both the new message and the attached original, there is a "From:" header
> saying e.g. "From: bob at".
> What I wanted to happen:
>         Mailscanner would create a new message and attach the original.
>  In the NEW message the From header would have value "
> postmaster at" or some such.
> Any suggestions?
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