Spam from .us domains

Richard Siddall richard.siddall at
Sun May 4 00:37:44 IST 2014

Look at greylisting.  It may let you defer accepting email from new 
domains or new IPs until the domains show up in the RBLs.

Philip Parsons wrote:
> Yeah that's the one's not certain if someone has written a SA rule or something to catch without having to rely on the RBLS as hundreds get through before the RBLS catchup...
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> On 02 May 2014 18:49 Terry Hulen Jr wrote:
>> What MTA are you using?  I use RBLs with my MTA instead of
>> Mailscanner.  It stops the spammer from even sending any
>> data.
> If it's the same stuff I am seeing, then the spam is getting sent out from fresh ips and newly (same day) registered domains. It's getting delivered prior to the RBLs becoming aware of the new sources.
> For example, today I got spam from only 6-7 hours after the domain was registered. I won't get any tomorrow, because now it's in the RBLs and will be blocked.

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