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Fri May 2 22:47:37 IST 2014

Yeah that's the one's not certain if someone has written a SA rule or something to catch without having to rely on the RBLS as hundreds get through before the RBLS catchup...

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On 02 May 2014 18:49 Terry Hulen Jr wrote:
> What MTA are you using?  I use RBLs with my MTA instead of 
> Mailscanner.  It stops the spammer from even sending any 
> data.  

If it's the same stuff I am seeing, then the spam is getting sent out from fresh ips and newly (same day) registered domains. It's getting delivered prior to the RBLs becoming aware of the new sources.

For example, today I got spam from only 6-7 hours after the domain was registered. I won't get any tomorrow, because now it's in the RBLs and will be blocked.
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