Spamassassin rules not firing correctly

Stef Morrell stef at
Fri May 2 17:18:35 IST 2014

Really after consideration, I do think my problem is zero day spam and nothing else.

The blacklist rules in question are standard SA 3.4.0 rules, nothing special or clever of my own crafting. The problem is that the brand new domains (lots of .me domains) simply hadn’t made it to blacklists in time to match and fire rules.

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Can you post your MailScanner conf? (A sample of your blacklist rules specifically.)

Also, I see you have downloaded Mailborder before. If you still have the Mailborder box running, I’d suggest entering some sample rules in the GUI and see how the config files are built. Something as simple as using a space instead of a tab in a rule set can cause issues.
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