MCP announcements not forwarded

Peter Lemieux mailscanner at
Fri Mar 28 14:16:04 GMT 2014

I've been a happy MailScanner user for many years now, but I have 
encountered a problem that has me stumped.  We use MCP to scan outbound 
mail and have had it working for quite some time.  Messages that trip 
the MCP rules are forwarded to the alias mcpmonitor at localhost which 
redirects the messages to the relevant staff members for review.

Sometime in the past couple of months the forwarding stopped working. 
The alias works properly since I can send a message to the alias from 
the command prompt.  MailScanner reports in the logs that suspect 
messages are being forwarded:

Mar 23 18:21:12 mail MailScanner[15851]: MCP Actions: message 
s2NMLCAK020553 actions are mcpmonitor at localhost,forward

However there are no other entries in the log with that message ID, nor 
is the message sent to the alias.  It appears in no queue nor in the 
quarantine area. It simply disappears.

I wondered if there is some conflict among the Perl modules since some 
of them might have been updated with versions from CenOS or rpmforge.  I 
upgraded from 4.84.3-1 to 4-84.6-1 and let the installer rebuild the 
modules as always, but the problem persists.

The platform is CentOS 6.5 with sendmail 8.14.4.  Any help on diagnosing 
this would be greatly appreciated!  The scanner also uses SpamAssassin 
and clamd, but those work fine for all messages.



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