Sophos SAVDI interface

Eric Yiu eric.yiu at
Fri Mar 7 01:23:40 GMT 2014


No need.  You can update your to change from to linux.amd64.glibc.2.3.tar.Z,
and a few other platform specification in to download
the 64bit version, ie
and the perl savi will be able to compile.

But this new of sophos v4 lib (both 32 or 64bit version) have a bug
of non-stop when it is fork from child.  So you need to fine tune that kill itself  and need to add "kill 15, $$" after
calling "SophosSAVI($subdir, $disinfect);"

I contacted Sophos before and new version of Sophos lib of the
bug free may be out at next quarter.


Stef Morrell:

>Does anyone have any experience running recent (v9) Sophos using SAVDI (presumably with savdid). 
>We've been using v4 and SAVI for years, but v4 is EOL next month and SAVI doesn't work with 64-bit in any case, so time to move along.

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