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Paul A Sand pas at
Fri Jun 27 18:08:44 IST 2014

* Max Kipness <max at> [2014-06-27 12:35]:
> MailScanner is indeed blocking the SCR and sending a report about the
> attachment. The problem is, this email was a spam message, it's score
> was 3.7(bayes 999 only) so it still got through (but with the SCR
> stripped).
> So I'm looking to add a score on the SCR, adding 1.0. In reality you
> could add 20.0 for SCR because I don't ever see a legitimate need to
> send these. If I had an extra score to add to the bayes 999 it would not
> have gotten through.
> Or better yet, how about adding a score on (Filename?) attachment
> warning? That would probably be best. Add 1.0 score to any of those.

Sorry for misunderstanding. How about adapting the scheme here
(which adds a score on zip file attachment) :

I haven’t tried this myself.

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