tnef madness

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Tue Jun 10 14:37:37 IST 2014

> I believe am.  The preamble shows:
>   # $Id: 5119 2013-06-17 13:29:15Z sysjkf $
> Which is the same as I saw on the github site.  Unless I was looking in the wrong place.

Don’t trust the preamble.. Most of the GIT sources haven’t updated them, effectively making those tags useless.

> Just a quick followup.  After experimenting with the internal and external TNEF decoders in MailScanner
> to no avail we narrowed down the issue to only messages sent to my internal user.  The sender was able
> to email me in both plain and html formats with and without attachments.  It turns out that having her
> delete her nickname entry in Outlook for Jane (the internal user) was the cure.

I've run into this before too. It can also be controlled by a "Contact" object in AD, overriding the global settings from Exchange. Outlook thinks it's an internal object at that point and blissfully sends in rich text. Very annoying to track down sometimes, especially when you're trying to prevent TNEF from escaping out to the Internet.


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