Double File extension

Paul A Sand pas at
Mon Jan 20 15:42:05 GMT 2014

* Peter Farrow <peter at> [2014-01-20 10:00]:
> hiding windows file extensions is a simple and easy way to fool the
> end user.
> Personally I would never allow double-barreled extensions.

An alternative path is renaming. What we did awhile back (in
filename.rules.conf) was to change the “deny” rule at the end to:

rename to _$1.$2        \.([a-z][a-z0-9]{2,3}\s*)\.([a-z0-9]{3})$

E.g., “feefie.foe.fum” becomes “feefie_foe.fum”. I think. It’s been
awhile. It has really cut back on the gripes from false positives.

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