Treat Invalid Watermarks with No Sender as Spam

Shawn Iverson IversonS at
Wed Feb 26 23:55:04 GMT 2014

Remove These Headers = X-Mozilla-Status: X-Mozilla-Status2: Disposition-Notification-To: Return-Receipt-To:

Shawn Iverson
Rush County Schools
District Technology Coordinator
iversons at
>>> Kevin Miller <Kevin_Miller at> 2/26/2014 6:40 PM >>>
It looks like all your X-headers are being stripped.  I don't see any of these (which are present on our outgoing messages:
    X-Rushville-MailScanner-EFA-Information: Please contact postmaster at for more information
    X-Rushville-MailScanner-EFA-ID: B3A7A80085.AF60E
    X-Rushville-MailScanner-EFA: Found to be clean
    X-Rushville-MailScanner-EFA-From: iversons at
    X-Rushville-MailScanner-EFA-Watermark: 1393889850.17369 at 8yKbOlpq7bdTT0q0qeBUZg
    X-Spam-Status: No

Could be their Exchange server.  Sometimes they do funny things. 

In MailScanner.conf, what do you have for the "Remove These Headers" line?

Since you can use a ruleset, as a last resort you might just want to not check watermarks from and other domains that are screwy.  If there's just a few, that's workable.  If not, then it becomes a game of whack-a-mole and quickly becomes a chore...

Kevin Miller
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