sophossavi not work after the sophos update the engine

Eric Yiu eric.yiu at
Thu Feb 6 10:02:32 GMT 2014


I having been using mailscanner with several machines for years with
sophossavi. After the monthly auto update from Sophos and installed, I found that the sophos engine does not exit
even after the email can be scanned out virus, it just hold and
finally return:

Virus Scanning: Denial Of Service attack detected!
Commercial scanner sophossavi timed out!

at the log. I originally thought that it is just because my outdated
mailscanner. I figured out where is the problem and added a code to kill
itself after scanning. Now I have another machine and installed the
current version mailscanner but still the same. Here is my ugly fix:

# diff /opt/MailScanner/lib/MailScanner/
> kill 9, $$;

My new mailscanner version is 4.84.6

Any other good solution for that?


Eric Yiu

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